BCC- Nose and Eye Treatment Case Study

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    Reviewing the 6 picture series below you can identify a fast spreading BCC on the eye of a female customer. The pictured area needed quick treatment response as the Basel Cell Carcinoma was rapidly approaching the eye and cancer cells had already spread accross the nose. Although faced with this drastic situation, Curaderm-BEC5 was chosen as it provided the greatest promise of outstanding cosmetic results.

    The second picture clearly illustrates the active ingredient, BEC5, breakthrough technology to trace and identify cancer cells. Once the cream penetrates the skin, the BEC finds the long line of cancer cells that run together like train tracks.

    As the cancer cells are identified within the full perimeter of the localised skin cancer lession the active disintegrates their existence by selecting and causing a chain reaction affecting ONLY the cancer cells. Thus you can see by picture three that the far cancer cells have already been taken care of by the treatment. This is evident by the fresh new pink skin cells.

    The YELLOW liquid that is sometimes described as PUS is actually NOT AN ADVERSE REACTION. This is NORMAL and part of the Curaderm-BEC5 treatment cycle. The yellow serum type substance is known as SEROUS which is actually dead cancer cells! This is exactly what you want to be seeing because once the cancer cells disintegrate amongst your healthy cells you want them out - don't you!

    Once the SEROUS Stage is reached, you can see the movement towards fresh new skin is rapid.

    Everything is back to normal at the end and you can clearly observe this trusting customer was DELIGHTED with the outstanding cosmetic result. Considering the alternative option which would have likely resulted in scars or necesitate reconstructive surgery, Curaderm-BEC5 is clearly the Treatment of Choice.

    The lady pictured applied a treatment regime consisting of applications ranging from 2 to 6 times a day of cream application.

    In one of the customer support emails we quote our customer saying;
    "These last two weeks I have tried to treat my face 4- 6 times but I have no consistency with my schedule". Despite the inconistencies, the main thing to remember with Curaderm-BEC5 treatment is that it is not about how many days you use Curaderm but actually how many times you actually apply the cream. Rapid treatments involve regular 2 hour repeat applications. .

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Nose Basal Cell Carcinima - Treatment Case Study

  • B3. Nose BCC Case Study - During treatment
    In the above case, two skin cancers can be seen on the nose. The BCC on the front of the nose is a BCC that has been previously surgically removed. The scarring is obvious. You can then see a second BCC on the right side of the nose. It is this lession that the customer has chosen to treat with Curaderm-BEC5. Therefore, this is the before Curaderm-BEC5 picture for a BCC on the side of the nasal area.


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March 12, 2006


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